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Tax Return Review Service

At Simon & Co we recognize that not everybody wants to pay to retain the services of an accountant as you are already familiar with what you can and can’t claim and not a lot  has lot changed from the previous year. You are already using the HMRC website and overall happy with your tax return.

However, maybe you are not sure you have completed your tax return correctly? Maybe, don’t quote understand one of the questions on your tax return or just do not understand how your tax bill has been calculated. You need our Tax Return Review service

What do I get and how much is it?

The tax return review service is a service where we effectively check over your tax return for you with you. You will send us a copy of your draft tax return along with your supporting information. We will then review your tax return online via Microsoft Team meeting, where we will review your tax return and let you have our feedback to help put your mind at ease that what you are about to file is correct.

Unfortunately tax can be complicated and so this service is only for basic tax returns for sole traders and or rental income. It will not include any overseas income, share incentive schemes, capital gains computations or complex investments.

The tax return review services starts at £175+VAT, which includes our administrative procedure, 30 minutes pre meeting review and 30 minutes MS Team meeting.

To book, all you need to do is click on the link below.

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