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What is Power BI and Why do you need it?

Power Bi stands for Business Intelligence. Data on its own is not useful unless you can understand how it links and relates to other data. You can produce multiple graphs and tables  based on your XERO data but to make sense of the data or even make the most of your data you need to see how it relates to other parts of your business and understand the links between different parts of your business. Power Bi provides you with this facility. Power BI turns your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

We have helped several clients save time using Power BI. A common example of Power BI usage is analysing staff performance and identifying the link between the turnover and staff costs or job profitability. Power BI has helped many clients identify loss making clients and poor return areas.  For retail business Power Bi can help identify the links between different product sales. A good example of how Power BI has helped one of our clients, through Power BI our client found that one particular product with a low margin was what drove clients to his website, the client found that often they would buy other products with higher margins, which made it profitable to keep the popular products price point low. They were able to introduce measures such as charging a delivery charge if no other product was purchased. Without Power BI, it would have been difficult to draw these links.

Another major benefit of Power Bi is that it is fully customisable to suit your needs not only as a business but also your own personal preferences as quite often different people from different backgrounds will have a different focus on what is important to them. Power BI can save time for managerial reports. Rather than running off several reports at the end of the month, you can use Power BI reports so that everything is available to you and is fully up to date.  

Due to the complexities and cost of setting up of Power BI, we would only recommend using Power BI for larger companies who need extra data analysis.

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