Outsourced Financial Director

Outsourced Financial Director

Outsourced Financial DirectorWhy do you need a Finance Director if you have an accountant? An accountant, will help you fulfil your legal accounting and taxation duties and reporting your past performance to HMRC and Companies House. A Finance Director would be responsible for the company’s financial health.

They will combine operational and strategic roles, manage accounting and financial control functions, and establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business. In short, a Finance Director is more concerned with the future of the business.

Many small business will not benefit from a finance director, the advice and support from their accountant will be enough. However, for growing businesses, a Financial Director will play a key part in keeping control over the financial functions of the business, keeping adequate cash flow to fund the growth and help achieve the long term objectives of the business. However, they may not require a full time Financial Director or may only need help on either an adhoc project or on a part time basis. This is the gap we can fulfil.

The services we specialise in are:

Improving or implementing Control procedures

We can review your accounting functions and highlight any weaknesses. We can recommend improvements and help you implement those improvements to ensure you have a practical and robust accounting system. We can carry out checks and help design checks to help the chance of fraudulent payments or misstatements in your accounts.

Performance Indicators

Performance indicators are a good way of measuring your business success on key areas of interest or concern; it is an essential part of helping you reach your business objectives. We can help you with identifying and designing monthly performance indicators to fit with your objectives and business needs which helps ensure you are on track with the strategies that you have set out.

Cash Flow Management

Ensuring you have good cash flow is hugely important for any business. Timely information will aid the collection of debts to help maintain liquidity which in turn will aid the timely payment of your outgoings.

Profit Improvement

Making more profit is not just about increasing your turnover. We can help you analyse your financial situation by bringing all the information about your business together and analysing the data to reveal how your pricing, outgoings and overheads impact on your profit. This information will help you increase your profits, while maintaining or improving the service to your clients.

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