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I have been in business for a number of years and originally started out with friends and family. Soon after we decided to go our own ways, which left me dealing with accounts and tax, which was an unknown territory for me. At first it felt like a huge burden and left me stressed out. After a few meetings with Simon I felt relieved and top of my accounting and taxation responsibilities. I now know what to do and how to do it. I know what to pay and how to pay it. I am now able to make better informed decisions about my business. I would highly recommend Simon and his team.

Boran Hussein
Opus Developments Ltd


Looking for a new

If you are looking for your first Accountant or thinking of changing, it can be quite a daunting task.

To help, we have included, below, a list of just some of the things our clients tell us they like about us and our business. As always, please feel free to contact us and discuss them in a little more detail.

  • We are flexible, down to earth and experienced and really do believe we can offer a fantastic service for your business.
  • We speak plain English and will promise not to blind you with Accountant jargon.
  • Clients feel we offer real value for money and can select the services that best fits their needs.
  • Clients feel comfortable picking up the phone to us and receiving good, sound advice.
  • For our Fixed Fee plans, you always know what you are paying.
  • We are very strong on Customer service and is something we are very proud of. Staff and internal customer facing processes are continually appraised, to make sure your requirements are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible and with a smile, of course.
  • Doing the paperwork can be stressful and time consuming for many small businesses. So if you wish, we can take all the book-keeping, payroll and other paperwork off of you as well as the normal annual accounts and tax work.
  • Changing your Accountant or Tax Advisor is much simpler than you may think, so why not use us to handle it for you. We will guide you through the entire process and are always available to answer any queries.
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We are a leading boutique Accountant, based out of Orpington, Kent, offering support to small, medium sized businesses and to individuals.

Our core values have always been, and will remain, to offer our clients the highest level of customer service at a price that suits their pocket. You only have to look at the flexibility built into our Services to quickly realise this is no PR exercise!ence.

Key Services

Business Start-ups

If you are not an Accountant, then starting a new venture is a very daunting task. Apart from having to implement a system to monitor business transactions, regulatory requirements have to be met...

IR35 Companies

Are you affected by the IR35 legislation? The IR35 legislation was introduced in April 2000. The legislation was introduced to identify ‘disguised employees’ who trade through a limited company to avoid...

Financial Director

The Outsourced Financial Director will combine operational and strategic roles, manage accounting and financial control functions, and establish a financial strategy for the profitable...

Construction Industry

If you are working in the construction industry, then you will have to comply with requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme. As your Accountant, we can assist you to comply...

Management Accounts

In a “nutshell”, Management Accounts will allow you to stay in control of your business. Merely checking the bank balance from time-to-time, does not qualify as good financial control...

Personal Taxation

We provide personal tax advice for a variety of clients with vastly differing circumstances. This ranges from simple tax computations and filing, through to more complex tax affairs...

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